JPA Design offer a glimpse into the evolution of travel and hospitality.

Amidst a time of global fear and uncertainty initiated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, an unanticipated re-connection with home comfort and safety implores the daunting question: Will we risk travelling and sharing our immediate space with strangers in order to encounter foreign destinations again?

Travel industry experts have predicted for many years that technological advancement will depict the future and that our destiny can ultimately be controlled by a single User Interface. More so following the COVID-19 Pandemic, the demand for a contactless environment will need to be fulfilled with hospitality venues forced to adopt mandatory measures and swift implementation.

Utilizing modern technologies, this proposal goes well beyond satisfying immediate and cosmetic wellbeing necessities.

Controlled by the user for a completely unique guest experience, but tailored by collaborative hospitality partners to create an entirely new and innovative revenue generating hospitality trend for the future, it offers a glimpse into how our travel experience will evolve.

This project was first presented at Downtown Design 'The Shape of Things to Come' a physical exhibition during Dubai Design Week 2020. To find out more about JPA, click here.