Czech-based glass artisans manage to materialize the essence of nature in latest collection.

The Czech design and glassmaking company LASVIT illuminates the world with inspiration, building on a long history of glassmaking in Northern Bohemia. The founder of LASVIT, Leon Jakimič, has great respect for the glassmaking tradition, but also enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and modern technologies.

This year, they showcased the Nature of Glass collection that offers a virtual journey to its own glass factory in Northern Bohemia and presents its current collection of luminaires.

Over the years, Lasvit has created and developed several signature designs that deserve to shine all around the world. To spread this inspiration into private homes, Lasvit fitted them into several ready-to-order standardizations.

Debuted at the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair was the Lasvit ICONS that featured a curated selection of their iconic and bespoke designs, now made available in a ready-to-order package.

Also showcased from the collection is the Herbarium, inspired by the flowers and tree branches which grow near LASVIT’s glassworks in northern bohemia.  The collection is a light installation made of one-off pieces that explores the roots of glassmaking- featuring glass objects that hang from different heights, the lighting object creates a poetical metaphor by conserving in glass a typical bohemian meadow. 



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