In November, Downtown Design will once again take place in its custom-built venue on the d3 Waterfront, within Dubai Design District (d3). Joining forces with Dubai-based H+A as the consulting architects for 2018, the fair will have a focus on the theme ‘Livable Cities’ and emphasize on the luxurious yet functional approach to design. Furthermore, the design theme embodies the story of Dubai, its achievements and its aspiration to be the world’s best city, constantly in pursuit of improving the quality of life.

As the fair continues to grow and evolve each year, the upcoming edition is set to significantly enhance the visitor experience, interactive features and content, providing a unique environment for new brands launching products and for trade and consumer buyers to discover the best design products from around the world.

As part of the new experience this year, the fair will for the first time activate the outdoor waterfront terrace, where visitors can experience design at first hand with the stunning backdrop of Dubai Creek and the city’s skyline. New fair features will include creative pop-up cafes, a multi-functional indoor recreational garden space with enhanced outdoor features and an engaging and interactive materials library within a pavilion situated in the heart of the fair. Located within Downtown Editions, the inaugural showcase of bespoke and limited-edition design, ‘The Collective’ will highlight a selection of United Arab Emirates-based designers producing work with commercial potential, each presenting an original piece that is functional and scalable, in a gallery display setting. Managing Director, Stas Louca, and Design Director, David Lessard, bring together a combined 40 years of specialised experience to provide architecture, interiors and landscape design services to the growing healthcare and hospitality projects in the region. Having worked on regional projects with international large-firm experience, Louca and Lessard understand the regional requirements of architecture.

The collaboration with H+A will not only amplify the aesthetic appeal of Downtown Design, but also further develop the fair as an environment for brands, designers and architects to interact and explore commercial opportunity. H+A are unique in their approach to the intangible qualities of a space, making it an innate partnership with Downtown Design; The focus of each of their projects is on the human experience, while the spaces reflect context and culture, allowing them to fit into their environment effortlessly.

Online registrations will be opening soon.

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