These outdoor furniture brands have mastered the art of the alfresco lifestyle.

Beauty, functionality and innovation are at the core of all contemporary design, but when it comes to outdoor furniture, practicality and the ability to brave the great outdoors becomes even more significant.

Our selection of internationally acclaimed outdoor furniture brands combines inspiration from nature and artful design with R&D into innovative materials and techniques to offer refined solutions for private and contract clients.


Inspired by the effortless Italian aesthetic, Ehtimo reflects the warmth and radiance of the Mediterranean alfresco lifestyle. The brand’s latest collection, ‘Knits’ by Patrick Norguet embraces the intertwining of different volumes, finishes, and unique textures that create furniture that is at home with any outdoor setting.

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Talenti is coveted the world over for their harmonious combination of hand-crafted skill with industrial techniques to produce polished and contemporary outdoor pieces. Not restricting their passion for the great outdoors to just furniture, Talenti offers holistic solutions with proposals with soft furnishings, outdoor accessories, and alfresco cooking.

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One of the most recognised names in outdoor furniture, Germany-based Dedon’s proposals are characterised by designs that are in perfect harmony with nature. With an eye for innovation in traditional materials and techniques such as weaving, they consistently deliver beautiful and durable designs that transform outdoor living across the globe.

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Working with some of the most important names in the design industry, such as Patricia Urquiola, Doshi Levien, and Jasper Morrison, to name just a few, Spanish outdoor furniture brand Kettal is well known for its signature minimalistic style, sleek profiles and subdued colours that brilliantly compliment refined alfresco lifestyles around the world.

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With their sustainability-minded solutions – Vondom’s in-house R&D focusses heavily on recyclable materials – the Spanish alfresco lifestyle brand adheres to the highest standards of quality, innovation, and engineering. Inspired by the laid-back Mediterranean way of life, their new collection, Vineyard is designed by Ramón Esteve.

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