This year’s talks and workshops will provide both design professionals and design entrepreneurs with the tools to maximise their potential creatively, as well as commercially.

Here we share some of the key themes of this year's programme. 

Known for their contextual and progressive design solutions, leading regional architects and developers will come together at The Forum to exploring the potential of the design market in the GCC, Africa and India.

Internationally acclaimed designers, Greg Natale, Dara Huang and Alessandro Minotti have turned their business into global brands. In their talk ‘How to Build a Brand’, they will share the tools essential to building a globally resonating brand. 

The go-to trends forecaster for some of the most coveted brands in the world, Antwerp-based analyst Hilda Francq will project the key trends that will inform both product and interior design for the coming years with her first Trend Talk in the Middle East.

Focusing on the growth of contemporary design in the region, Saudi-based Architect Amy Lam will join Pinar Calimano of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Laura Bielecki of Ellington developers to explore the evolving face of luxury in the residential and hospitality sectors.

Executive coach to business such as The Talent Enterprise, The Mindgym and Netexpat, Archana Bhatia’s workshop, ‘Inspired to Lead’, will provide business owners, team leaders and future leaders the skills to lead without fear or self-doubt. 

The closing talk, 'Influencer to Entrepreneur' will feature UAE-based design opinion leaders Linda Dekkers and Kathryn Hawkes who will share self-actioned insights on Instagram marketing for design businesses.

The full Forum programme will be live by the end of September.