Chaired by Marcus Fair, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dezeen, Downtown Design’s ‘The Power of Design’ panel discussion explored the design community’s role as an agent of positive change.

Four acclaimed designers – all from different parts of the world and with varied means of creative expression – spoke about a shared belief in design’s ability to impact communities and how they are using their platform to advocate for conscious design.

Be it spotlighting issues of climate change and global warming, as Fernando Mastrangelo does with his work that celebrates cyclic design or Lina Ghotmeh’s creative manifesto that taps into a project’s potential to invigorate communities and creatively incentivize users to explore new ways of being, the discussion focused on the micro and macro impact of design decisions.

From helping brands and clients find their unique identity - as Sanna Akerlund Gebeyehu does in her role as a concept developer and creative director - to architect and curator Ashiesh Shah, whose new atelier empowers artisanal networks to find a place at the table both professionally and economically, the power of design to facilitate change is immense, varied and tangible.

Watch excerpts from the discussion below:


This talk was filmed at Downtown Design 2019 by Dezeen for exhibitor Aritco.