Get inspired by these digital artists that have taken Instagram by storm with their fantastical 3D visuals.

An international cohort of visualisers is creating surreal scenographies that are flooding our Instagram feeds with inspiration, reprieve, and a fantastical escape. With their visuals almost indistinguishable from photos, these creatives are allowing designers, brand, editors and architects to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Victor Roussel @vic.rou

Victor Roussel, the French-based CG artist blurs the lines between the virtual and physical with memorably composed scenes where architectural influences are beautifully meshed with scenery, products and vibrant colour fields.

Visual Citizens@visual_citizens

Visual Citizens are rendering the future by breaking architectural and practical restrictions through digital design. Founded by Shali Moodley and Adam Kelly, the duo’s surreal 3D visualisations have found their way from Instagram to top-tier design publications and creative portfolios.

Alexis Christodoulou │@teaaalexis

Borrowing details from real-life modernist architecture, Cape Town-based digital artist, Alexis Christodoulou develops visuals that are extensions of his daydreams of fictional places. Through a play of shapes, pastel tones, soft textures and the mesmerising effect of repetition and reflection, Christodoulou delivers playful snippets of his imagination to our Instagram feeds.

Stefano Giacomello@stefo_rotolo

Montreal-based Creative Director Stefano Giacomello has gained an enviable Instagram following for his photo-realistic, colour-blocked architectural and interior visuals. Giacomello’s scenes embody an eerie sense of subtly, incorporating contradictory silhouettes and materials in complementary tones that emphasize that less is truly more.

Andrés Reisinger@reisingerandres

Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger gained popularity through his hyper-stylised visuals that allude to futuristic landscapes. After his 3D rendering of an imaginary cloud-like armchair went viral on Instagram in 2018, he made the bulbous, light pink chair a reality in 2019. 20,000 fabric petals were used to mimic the hyper-tactile surface depicted in the image. The Hortensia chair can be viewed at the Montoya gallery in Barcelona.