One of the region’s most progressive boutique practices, Studio Toggle offer solutions that combine context, technology and sustainability.

Architects Hend Almatrouk and Gijo Paul George founded Studio Toggle in 2011 while studying at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna. Since moving to Kuwait eight years ago, they have established a reputation for an experimental approach to problem solving.

The award-winning studio works across fields of architecture, urban design and interior design, with projects in the realm of public, commercial residential and hospitality sectors. Operating from studios in Kuwait and Portugal, Studio Toggle embraces diversity and innovation to deliver projects that are as much rooted in culture and locality as they are forward-thinking.

House in Mishref

Downtown Design 2020_Toggle Studio_Kuwait_House in Mishref.jpg

With two separate living units organized around an internal volume that connects all the floors, whilst offering privacy at the same time, this home for two brothers is a contemporary exploration of the traditional courtyard house.

Bean to Bar

Downtown Design 2020_Toggle Studio_Kuwait_Bean to Bar_02.jpg

A slender, cellular waffle vault is the focal feature of this flagship boutique for a Kuwaiti chocolatier. With cell sized derived from the client’s modular packaging unit, the vault was re-imagined as an analogue screen with the cells doubling up as pixels.


Downtown Design 2020_Toggle Studio_Kuwait_Unit+_01.jpg

Constructed entirely from recycled timber obtained from the upcoming Kuwait International Airport T2 development, this temporary installation was designed in collaboration with Hessa Althuwaikh. Unit+ sheds light on the waste generated during construction activities.

Luminous Drapes

Downtown Design 2020_Toggle Studio_Kuwait_Luminous Drapes.jpg

An experimental urban pavilion for the Nuqat Human Capital 2018 Conference at the Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Centre, the project featured a low-tech, cost-efficient, incremental and modular system that was developed with re-usable construction scaffolding and laser-cut drapes.

Chalets in Bnaider

Downtown Design 2020_Toggle Studio_Kuwait_Chalets in Bnaider.jpg

A collection of independent cottages composed around a T-shaped infinity pool, the project features a carefully choreographed composition of private terraces and common areas to offer each home incremental vistas towards the sea culminating in a mesmerizing view of the horizon.