The Beirut-based designer’s passion for humanism in design reflects in his creative approach, always aiming to consider and preserve each project’s social, environmental and historical aspects.

An advocate of authentic and honest design, Gerges puts the site firmly in the spotlight. Taking cues from its topography, landscape and native architecture, his projects bring a refined sensibility that elevates the project brief and beautifully frames its context.

During the founding years of Mashrou Leila, his internationally recognized musical band, Carl gained his BFA from American University of Beirut and worked for local and international firms. With a desire to remain in close connection with the new generation of architects and AUB, Carl served successively as a jury member in the Architecture school. A believer in creative vision regardless of the medium, he retains his dually passionate momentum for making music while managing his Architecture studio. This boundless career path grants him the freedom to express and reinvent himself, while striving to impact people’s lives on a sensual, practical and emotional level.

 Villa Chams | Baalbek

Lebanon Laying remotely within Lebanon’s most arid and historical naturescape, Villa Chams embraces its surrounding’s identity from the flora to the Roman temples, and presents itself as a melodically elemental story teller. At a distant glance, this one shelled structure grounds itself horizontally, while respectfully blending in with the mindfully preserved rocks, opuntia, olive trees and other flora on a backdrop of distant mountains. Upon a more intimate inspection, sporadically equidistant walls and columns orchestrate a rhythmic flow on a rudimentary grid, creating both introverted spaces and open extensions.

Villa Nadia | Beit Meri

Lebanon With a name meaning hope and delicacy, Villa Nadia proudly re-emerges from a rich history, with novel extensions and a dignified stance on Lebanese heritage. Arches, stone vaults and orange blossom return to recite an heirloom of tales on this life quenching Mediterranean soil. The rehabilitation concepts and techniques adopted for this project embrace a deep desire to not only renovate the space physically, but also spiritually. This is accomplished in favor of preserving the natural aging effects and historical layers, while incorporating modern comforts.

CG Apartment | Beirut

Lebanon Home is a refuge, a place to care for one’s state of mind given the negative energy found in the world around us. Located in the top floor of an Art Deco building, an abandoned dilapidated apartment is transformed into a serene sanctuary where gallery pieces are harmoniously matched with design classics and vintage elements.

Cana Guesthouse | Bhamdoun

Lebanon Nestled within thousand-year-old rock formations, Cana Guesthouse offers a tranquil day’s retreat overlooking the Lamartine Valley. Touching on all elements of the earth, this house is meticulously designed to emit feelings of harmonious tranquility with nature’s many sensorial layers, for a solemn hideout. In further manifestation of the living nature of this house, certain materials are left unmaintained to freely change color aesthetics with the natural wear and tear of time.


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