As dezeen highlighted in a recently published article, Dubai, and the Middle East as a whole, is nurturing a new wave of talent that is eager to create fun, innovative design, breaking away from the image of opulence that used to be associated with the region. 

"The past few years have seen Dubai carve out its own, distinctive design language, one that subtly takes cues from the region's heritage, makes use of locally-sourced materials and responds to its surroundings," said founder and creative director of design studio Roar, Pallavi Dean.

The wider region have made a significant shift forward in design and architecture in the last decade and Dubai also now lends itself as a global hub, attracting projects in Africa, Asia, South Europe and the Middle East.

“There is new generation of well-travelled design enthusiasts with a well-rounded knowledge of brands, designers and aesthetics, and that appreciate and value good design,” adds Meshary AINassar, design director and founder of Studio Meshary AlNassar. "The misconception that clients in the Middle East seek the gilded and ornamented Versailles interiors is outdated."

Noting that Downtown Design has helped Dubai to break away from this image of opulence that used to be associated with the emirate and helped it to develop its own contemporary design language, the article references the rapidly growing economy of Dubai, attracting more businesses to set up in the Emirate.

A highlight of the annual Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design will take place from 9 to 12 November on the d3 Waterfront in Dubai Design District (d3), with new audience programmes and an ambitious sustainability plan among other new initiatives this year.

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