For their debut at Downtown Editions 2019, the curators of exceptional contemporary design will present a fresh point of view on glass.

Working with international designers known for their distinct creative language and an inclination for the unusual, over the past two decades, Curoq Collective has established a reputation for characterful design that brings together art, artisanship and technology.

Exhibiting in the Middle East for the first time at Downtown Editions, they will present a selection of lighting and furniture that celebrates the unexpected qualities of glass.

“Constantly adapting to technology and stylistic evolution, glass has still managed to maintain its artisanal processes and magical appeal,” says Abdul Hameed Khan, the Managing Director of Curoq Collectives. “We will showcase three studios that offer contradictory perspectives on the centuries-old material.”

Venicem, the Italian lighting studio founded by Melissa Lunardi and Massimo Tonetto in 2013 will offer the softer, delicate view on glass with a lighting installation featuring simple geometries. Lending impactful presence to individually mouth-blown and hand-finished elements, recurring squares, circles and triangles will be juxtaposed with meticulously crafted metallic accents.

Balancing delicacy is Santambrogio Milano, known for creating architecture and furniture pieces from slabs of glass. Committed to simple, yet effective demonstrations of the versatility of the material since 2003, the studio continually pushes boundaries of what is possible with projects such as a house built entirely of glass and a glass kitchen, amongst others. Curoq Collective will present their latest furniture collection at Downtown Editions. 

“We like to curate pieces that are objects of art, evoking an element of wonder and surprise,” says Abdul Hameed. “With our showcase in Dubai, we look forward to bringing our point of view on light and glass to the Middle East.”