Through innovative interpretations of form, context and culture, these mosques will offer a new perspective to Islamic architecture.

Globally, architects and designers are exploring new creative languages to design mosques that not only represent a place of worship but also highlight their unique localities and the teachings of Islam to a wider community.

Dubai Pearl │Dubai, UAE

Designed by LYX arkitekter and paying homage to Dubai’s pearl diving heritage, this unique mosque features eight gates inspired by the belief that there are eight gates to the heaven in Islam and eight angels holding the throne. The concept aimed to blend the local traditions of UAE, and Islamic heritage with a contemporary design and palette to reflect the modernity of its location.

Mosque of Light │Dubai, UAE

Mumbai-based architecture architect Nuru Karim has proposed a contemporary mosque design for Emaar’s Creek Mosque competition, using geometric forms to sculpt light as the central element of the building. The mosque design explores the duality between light and built form to create a spiritual experiential space. The multi-layered geometrical form filters the harsh light into the prayer hall. Light bounces off the doubly curved surfaces and filters through the ‘mashrabiya’ apertures based on Islamic geometrical principles.

Oasis Mosque │Dubai, UAE

Designed by Amer Shawa, the Oasis Mosque aims to bring a sense of wonder to its surroundings. Bringing to life an urban oasis, the proposal seeks to establish a place where nature, culture, and social life come together. The concept of the project consists of 3 distinguished levels that embody elements of the region's culture and landscape. Unique in its design, the mosque is encased with a see-through glass that represents the transparency of Islam and naturally blends in with the scenic beauty of the Dubai Creek.

Nora Mosque & Community Center │Ajman, UAE

Turkish-based firm Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA) was appointed to design the Nora Mosque and Community Center in Ajman which was commissioned by a prominent local businessman as a tribute to his late mother. When complete, the mosque will cover an area of 10,000m2 with an approach that creates its own unique environment through a composition of shell-like platforms derived from the earth below. The complex will house several halls for various social, educational and recreational activities designed to form a significant public space for the Emirate.