Founded in 1990 by Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, the brand gets its British-sounding brand name from its original collection that featured a distinct English taste. Since then, the Baxter has expressed itself through the visions of designers Paola Navone, Antonino Sciortino, Piero Lissoni and Draga & Aurel amongst others; but it is their ability to create pieces that combine classical details with a modern outlook and unexpected colour palette that sets them apart.

At the heart of everything Baxter does is a commitment to the creative process. Ideas that are born from a never-ending research and material innovation that ultimately offers variety and customization.

While Baxter’s design output belies a typically Italian taste, their production exalts all hallmarks of Italian making that are coveted the world over. Fine materials are dealt with the utmost respect at the hands of skilled artisans to create pieces that are coveted for generations.

Baxter is presented at Downtown Design by Le Cercle,one of the region’s most influential curators of prestigious furniture brands.

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