A flexible lighting concept in collaboration with Pallavi Dean, founder of the boutique studio Roar will allow the end user to shape their own environment.

With a LED light line flowing sinuously through a series of suspended cylinders, Downtown Design exhibitor Artemide’s latest presentation, Interweave, evokes a theme of connections and relationships.

"It is a lighting system that celebrates connections, the intersection of countries, cultures and creativity as a unique source of energy” says Dean of her first collaboration with the Italian lighting brand. “Great art and great design often happen when different worlds meet. Interweave is a metaphor for this, by focusing on the connections and intersections between the different materials, colours, textures, light and shade.”

Connections indeed play a crucial role in Interweave’s story. Dean met Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice President and CEO of Artemide at Downtown Design 2018 where they were part of the talk, Women and Design: In the Driver’s Seat; their conversations continued well after the talk, and on the foundation of shared passions and values in life and design, the collaboration was set in place.

Interaction and flexibility are key to the Interweave lighting system. A kit of pieces that can be assembled and manipulated according to individual needs, starting from the freedom in the number and positioning of the cylinders, to the LED strip that is available in extendable 5-meter modules, Interweave allows designers and end-users to create their own lighting compositions.

Fixed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, the system also offers the option of housing spotlights, intelligence and devices such as speakers and sensors in the hollow cylinder. Integration with the Artemide App and the Alexa voice control present enhanced possibilities of creating intuitive, adaptive lightscapes.