At Downtown Design 2017, Sonovo presents Ballor’s latest innovations in glass.

Ballor is a dynamic high-end manufacturer and designer of architectural glass materials that matured its expertise and know-how more than over a decade.

The idea was born in the heart of Budapest and, at in its current form today, Ballor represents an outstanding visual art glass brand, which offers a tremendous product range from wall dividers, wall paneling, tiles, floors, table tops, counter tops to custom made design solutions that caters for contemporary architecture.

It is also important to acknowledge that it is not just colored glass; the product line of the company breaks away from the color block that has defined stained glass for more than a millennium.

Their secret lies in Ballor’s innovative technology that allows its designers to obtain incredible depth and texture without losing glass translucency. The result is the perfect marriage between Art and Glass, therefore it is the perfect solution for any architecture and interior design project.

Even more, with Ballor architectural art you can create infinite and continuous decorative architectural structures inspired by the beauty of renaissance, baroque or impressionist fine art, in the form of certified high-end architectural material.

At the current edition of Downtown Design, Ballor is going to regionally debut its innovative architectural materials and progressive art concept. The carefully developed oil painting based editions of interactive light oriented architectural glass elements, as well as its Panoramic-collections and large slab edition artworks are going to be introduced during the show.

Furthermore, after more than a decade of development, Ballor is going to globally introduce for the first time, its color changing iridescent metallic pastel shades in translucent pastel greens, blues, rose and violet colors.

Their collections simply bring glass and art up to a higher level in the design and build environment.

Ballor is presented at Downtown Design by the international interior design firm, Sonuvo (https://sonuvo.com/).


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Pratyush Sarup, a Dubai-based Consulting Editor and Journalist specialising in architecture, design and art, is one of the most regarded analytical authorities on design in the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram @pratyush.sarup.