Houtlander presented their award-winning Preservation Beach for the first time in the Middle East.


Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson’s latest creation pays homage to South Africa’s great love for the outdoors; as importantly it is an homage to the timeless quality and endless adaptability of wood.

The Preservation Bench takes after the designers’ modern take on spindle furniture. Three grounded benches curve into one gravity-defying twisted form that seemingly disappears into the air. Made from thermally-modified American red oak and in collaboration with the American Hardwood Export Council, the unmistakable form celebrates the sapling growing from the forest floor, seeking the light and growing up towards the canopy.

The bench is not only a masterpiece in timber design and craftsmanship, it also has a minimal environmental footprint, which was the inspiration behind it. “We have calculated that all the red oak used to make the bench would be replaced through natural regeneration in the U.S. hardwood forest in less than 1 second” explains Roderick Wiles, American Hardwood Export Council Regional Director.