The award-winning British artist and sculptor David Harber presented his latest work at the fair’s waterfront terrace. 

Aeon, the monumental outdoor sculpture that was first presented at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show follows in David’s tendency to tell stories through his works. Here, he explores the origin of the universe – the Big Bang theory.

Handcrafted from cast bronze, the piece is patinated to create a striking blue verdigris finish. At the centre, the glowing nucleus is crafted from 256 aluminium spikes, which were painstakingly finished using 1280 sheets of gold leaf, a process which took a professional gilder over 80 hours.

With the iconic Dubai skyline as a backdrop and a form reminiscent of an ‘Evil Eye’, a symbol often referenced in Middle Eastern culture, Aeon took on a new context at Downtown Design.

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