The Dutch Collective stands as a vibrant testament to the innovative spirit and design prowess of the Netherlands. Curator Margriet Vollenberg - Organisation in Design, selected five exceptional designers and creators, the collective embodies the essence of Dutch design – a seamless blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainable innovation. This group of designers will be presented at Downtown Design as Dutch Collective.

With an unwavering commitment to presenting unique perspectives, the Dutch Collective introduces a diverse range of talents to the international stage. From Milla Novo's intricately hand-knotted wall artworks that evoke harmony through texture and color, to Ruben van Megen's practical yet artful approach to interior design, each participant contributes a distinct layer to the collective's rich tapestry. This collective is not only a showcase of artistry but also a bridge between cultures. Timothy van Oorschot's ink artworks transcend boundaries, instilling spaces with sophistication and emotion. RoosKalff's recycled glassware lamps embody a modern yet eco-conscious vision. Meanwhile, Femke Hofhuis from Femm Amsterdam adds a vibrant, expressive touch through her colorful wall objects.The Dutch Collective's legacy is rooted in the Netherlands' rich design heritage, representing a legacy of creativity that spans generations. With each exhibition, it redefines the possibilities of Dutch design, fostering collaborations and opening doors to new markets. As a beacon of excellence, the Dutch Collective continues to shape the global design landscape with its bold, sustainable, and innovative creations.