Inspired by traditional leather-craft techniques, Gaar by Nareg Krikorian is a celebration of the timeless intricacies of making.

The name is derived from the Armenian translation of the term "stitches". Through exaggerating common leather-craft techniques, Nareg works towards exploring cultural, material, and inherited translations of craft and objects through a personal and romanticized lens. His bold take on mundane processes aims to reinsert a fresh sense of bewilderment in the tinier and deeper elements of craft.

Articulation of the process is visually portrayed through exaggeration, both of overall structure and of the constructive attributes of traditional leather stitching details, adding authoritative and contemporary layers to craft rather than limiting its magic to simply a means.

Set to debut at Downtown Design 2022, the collection embodies a meticulous process of manufacturing. Respecting the traditional ways but also manipulating them to fit the concept, narrative, and context. The pieces are produced solely by hand, working closely with his team of highly skilled artisans, in Lebanon. Gaar is bold, honest, and testifies to the desire to give new values and voices to ageless craft.

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