A bespoke carpet Creator, an Architect and a Designer united by their Lebanese cultural heritage and global outlook come together to fashion a surreal world of imagination.

Dreamweaver, an immersive motion-sensitive installation designed for Nalbandian by architect, author and academic Karim Nader, Founder of the eponymous Karim Nader Studio and multi-disciplinary architect, industrial designer and Founder of Atelier L’inconnu Fadi Yachoui, is an invitation to dream. The protagonist, a seamless floor-to-wall carpet-tapestry, created by Karim from an assortment of textures, materials and shades of white from Serge Nalbandian’s bespoke collection, becomes a canvas to project a curated selection of the carpet maker’s finest designs.

Populating this universe are soft white, organic shaped double-sided couches from Atelier L’inconnu, including Fadi’s most recent creation CACTI. These cloud-like formations create the impression of an inviting lounge in the sky where the visitor can dream up any design and Nalbandian will weave it to life. An ode to an entity with an outstanding legacy since 1792, Dreamweaver pays homage to Nalbandian’s past and invites the world to be part of the present and future filled with infinite possibilities.

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