The “Maîtres Robinetiers de France” gathers Miroir Brot, Margot, Cristal&Bronze and Serdaneli, four bathroom fittings, accessories and hardware manufacturers, producing products in the purest form of French “savoir-faire."

Collections that meet the needs and desires, with style and technicality, and the innovative will that has marked its history, Mirror Brot interrogates and reinvents the use of the Mirror every day. Entirely made in France and of unsurpassed quality, Miroir Brot quickly established itself as one of the world's finest references in vanity and decorative mirrors.

Margot has been manufacturing high-quality fittings since 1912, marrying robustness and aesthetics. Margot currently offers complete bathroom sets, including fittings and accessories, as well as a whole range of sanitary ware, such as washbasins, basins and bathtubs.

Highly specialized in the bathroom field, Cristal&Bronze provides its expertise to many architectural and interior design firms throughout the world. Ambassador of a refined lifestyle, the company is therefore involved in numerous private and public projects, in France and abroad.

Using fine stones, mother-of-pearl, crystal, marble, and porcelain, Serdaneli shapes its collections around the range of possibilities afforded by its materials library, built up with the invaluable help of some of the foremost experts in their craft.