Arte Veneziana is an artisan company established over 50 years ago. Handmade engravings, artistic mirrors, luxury modern furniture and mirrored glass are the main protagonists of this Venetian based Company.

The craftsmanship, the exclusivity of the handmade and the constant attention to fine details are what makes the difference.

Noble works of artisans and master engravers that are gradually going to be lost. Arte Veneziana is preserving them in order to make them known to the younger generations. Arte Veneziana is a company where skills and mastery take place. Through a contemporary and open approach to the research of planners and designers the company easily creates masterpieces ranging from classic 18th century decorations to the most daring and contemporary decorative textures. For a rediscovery of the slow and the value of things.

At Downtown Design, Arte Veneziana will launch the MELT collection, made up of series of pieces of furniture and decor.