An innovative entrepreneurial reality operating in the field of lighting and energy distribution, Lym believes in a new concept of space, in which man can improve the quality of his private and professional life, within civil and residential architectural environments.

A patented project, developed and engineered by Lym in a process of over two years of research. Lym's innovative technology was created with the aim of revolutionizing the interaction between man and electricity, placing man at the center of the system , thus making him the absolute protagonist of one's home, which constantly adapts to the needs of its inhabitant.

The system introduces invisible and integrated power points on the wall and ceiling, where devices of various kinds can be positioned with a simple and convenient gesture, which can be powered via a derivation of wireless technology.

A real revolution within architectural environments, in which Lym technology fits and integrates, respecting current construction standards.

The mother element of the System is K-Wireless , a plasterboard power panel, which is installed on the wall or ceiling and connected to the electrical system. In support of the System, Lym offers a wide range of lamps such as lighting elements , lamps with high autonomy, transportable and versatile batteries, and a series of devices such as Bluetooth audio speakers and passive accessories for the decoration of different types of environments, all objects without cables, functional and freely positioned by the user anywhere in the home and at any time with a gesture that is as simple as it is safe.

The system therefore rationalizes and revolutionizes lighting , providing an answer to the user's real need to functionally and aesthetically reconfigure their home, introducing in its surfaces the possibility of powering and supporting different types of devices, electronic and otherwise, capable of cover all sensory spheres and offer a unique experience for the user in all phases and situations of his daily life.