Studio Amal Anoohi is a design studio founded by Emirati architect Amal Anoohi. The studio’s current line of work focuses on the fabrication of furniture products that are curated for everyday modern living. 

The design studio aims at creating timeless pieces that pay close attention to craft, materiality, and tactility. The studio is deeply rooted in the process of design thinking and making; where creativity is born out of the process of discovery.

At Downtown Design 2021, Amal Anoohi launched the "Hopper Collection".

Hopper Collection is the studio’s first furniture product line. This collection was inspired by the anatomy of a grasshopper, abstracting its overall structure to investigate the relationship between form, function and materiality.

Hopper Collection aims to provide timeless pieces that are carefully curated for everyday modern living. The collection highlights two contrasting materials that create a minimal silhouette. Materials may be composed in combinations without compromising on the products’ elegant appearance.  The Hopper Collection echoes the studio’s emphasis on providing the highest quality materials to achieve a long lasting product for generations to come.