Tidelli is located in the Moradas da Lagoa, in SalvadorNortheast of Brazil (South America)After a partnership with the local government, in 1999, the company installed its factory in the community, generating jobs, income,and giving dignity to the entire community.

Today, Tidelli represents dignity for employees, most of whom are residents of the region. In the company, good ideas, work,and dedication shape new futures.

The brand's furniture is not disposable. Itcan be remodeled, repainted,and re-woven, gaining an update in the design. It is enough for the owner to contact the company. “A PVC tape made in the 90s can go back to the factory, be shredded, and become a filler for new materials. We recycle without leaving a trace of pollution”, explains the executive.

Currently, the brand has more than 55 nautical rope colors, which are extremely durable and resistant. Developed with imported polyester threads, they do not absorb heat or liquids, they are malleable to the body, easy to clean, do not fray,and require minimal maintenance

In the Middle East, Tidelli is represented by NextSpace.



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