Established in 2017, Roudha Alshamsi Design is an interior design Studio with focus in interior product design. Alshamsi’s strong identity as an artist influences her designs. Each design is a work of art in the way it is created and presented. In recent years, Roudha explores furniture design through artistic approaches producing what is called "Art Furniture".

Roudha Alshamsi is a designer of an artistic identity. Her artistic beginnings influence her approach to space design. After graduating from Zayed University in 2011, she became more interested in modern, contemporary and futuristic art as reflected in her later works. 

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Roudha Alshamsi debuted the launch of Sienna, exploring a serve ware objects in Emirati culture. With Sienna, beautiful display layouts can be created for Emirati hospitality. 

Sienna is a luxury household object targeting individuals who seek owning an avant-garde piece to their interiors for personal and hospitality uses. Event organizers and hospitality venues such as hotel receptions. 




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