It started in 1970 in The Netherlands with a simple yet revolutionary idea by Henri Peteri; boiling water from tap. His invention is now an indispensable feature of the modern kitchen.

A Quooker is pure convenience. It allows you to get 100 °C boiling, hot, cold, chilled still & chilled sparkling water directly from tap – all 

Quooker has recently introduced their Fusion and Classic Fusion taps in both round and square in a new finish: painted brass as well as their Pro3 Boiling Tank which launched at the Downtown Design Digital Fair 2020.

By using a Quooker you cut back on single use plastic bottles that cause lots of pollution.

The Quooker is extremely energy efficient, the standby power consumption is only 10 Watts! This efficiency has resulted in Quooker having the best possible energy rating appliance in the category .




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