Pulpo is a design editor abounding with experiments and emotion. Blending artisan hand-crafts with a contemporary flair for material and form – they bring to life the imagination of our pioneering designers.

Pulpo is a manufacturer of high-end, art-driven quality products for living. Design is their passion, and as design is art, the world of art fires their work and fire is literally at the origin of every Pulpo products, born as they are from the furnaces of the atelier's glass-blowers, ceramicists and metal workers.

Inspired by Art Basel, Pulpo was founded on the idea of ‘carte blanche’. Their projects emerge naturally from collaborations between inspiring friends, designers and artists such as Samuel Treindl whose imagination is behind some of the hero products of their 2020 catalogue.

In the Middle East, Pulpo is represented by Tareen Interiors.



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