Founded in Amman, Jordan, Kawn brings to life unique, limited and imaginative pieces, bridging the gap between art and practicality with the hands of local craftsmen.

Elegant, sleek and modern, Kawn journeys beyond 'furniture' with clear sensitivity to materials’ originality, and evident compassion to life experiences. Meaning 'Universe', Kawn was founded by Rama Akel.

Would it be possible to play forever?

A collection by Kawn Designs that ventures into an arena forgotten by adults. Play and imagination are back in the forefront and into our daily lives. Inspired by a collection of games, both physical and virtual; the collection enlarges familiar shapes with a sense of flexibility and wonder. Creating an interaction between you and larger than life objects; transforming the pieces into toys, and blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair 2020, Kawn Designs launched, "Would it be Possible to Play Forever?" featuring the new Slinky, Tetris, Evanish, Inception, Framed and Twine pieces.



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