Kashida is an acclaimed product design studio creating bespoke design pieces based on 3D Arabic calligraphy. The Kashida brand strives to transcend traditional manifestations of Arabic calligraphy by bringing these beautiful letterforms to life through bespoke, functional design.

Just as the ‘kashida’ glyph bridges between two Arabic letters in a single word, Kashida bridges between calligraphy and product design. Since 2011, Kashida has been creating unique pieces using various design and production methods, spreading its brand name from the Middle East to the world.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Kashida presented the collection entitled CalliGraffiti Collection.

Kashida’s Calligraffiti Collection embodies freehand calligraphic letterforms, inspired by the flow of human conversation. Gold and silver hues distinguish this collection, creating luxurious table art.



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