Iwan Maktabi is as a leading carpet designing and manufacturing company engaged in the business since 1926. Iwan Maktabi offers a variety of products that cover a wide spectrum of qualities and budgets.

With the support of his father Abbas Maktabi, Mohamed Maktabi and his sisters, Mona and Chirine, opened the first Iwan Maktabi gallery in 1995.

Based on three generations of expertise, and a rich family private collection of collectible carpets, Iwan Maktabi added to the depth of people’s appreciation for carpets in Lebanon and the region and proved to be the address for rare carpets and textile art in the Middle East.

Their diverse running line is enhanced by our custom design capabilities, which allow customers to express individuality and passion through our products.

One facet is " The Evil Eye"- which is a legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare usually given to a person when they are unaware. Therefore it was only natural for Nadine Kanso to tap into its beauty and myth.

Kanso hand-drew and recreated a bespoke "Eye" which guards against this maleficent spell.

It was turned into a signature piece and a recognizable one for her brand Bil Arabi "Contrast" being a favored language in Kanso's creations, she decided to bring the old and the new together and have them meet on a bespoke carpet by Iwan Maktabi.

It sources inspiration from the collective memory and the identity of Arabs.

The piece is a powerful "Antique" reproduction that meets modern tastes while adding a striking touch.

Over the years, Nadine has collaborated with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christofle, Bernardaud and Maserati on specially commissioned artistic projects.



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