Fronteriors offers a curated collection of doors, tops, sides and accessories using on-trend designs and materials to upgrade IKEA furniture frames. Co—founders, Kathryn Hawkes and Linda Dekkers, both Dubai-based interiors stylists, fulfilled their shared quest to design the things they wish the region had when they joined forces to create Fronteriors in early 2019.

Since then, the start-up has introduced an impressive range of styles to upgrade a selection of IKEA’s furniture frames – most notable being their early cane and linen door designs offering something that hasn’t been seen in this region yet. The company will shortly be launching their designs for IKEA kitchen frames which will substantially expand their product range.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Fronteriors launched their new collection, available for the BESTA, BILLY, PAX and METOD series.

Designed with kitchens in mind, but available across all categories of furniture, the collection is simplistic and minimalist in nature. The three new styles, namely Framed, Basic and Recessed, bring a level of sophistication whilst looking right at home in the kitchen, on a dining console, TV cabinet or wardrobes.



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