For the world’s most outstanding addresses, British company David Harber Ltd creates original and enduring sculptures, sundials and water features that are designed to delight and enchant while meeting each customer’s unique requirements.

All David Harber pieces are designed to create lasting impressions that will continuously charm and surprise, whilst being made specifically to work for their surrounding environments and those who will enjoy them every day.

The company’s portfolio spans the globe from USA to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, with notable projects as far afield as Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore.

David Harber’s sculptures can also be found adorning many illustrious British institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge colleges, public schools such as Eton and Stowe.

Whatsmore, David Harber is the brand of choice for the world’s most inspiring interior and garden designers, for use in the world’s most luxurious properties and private villas.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, David Harber launched Dark Planet and Torus.

Torus is designed to provide customers with a new perspective on the world; to allow one to look and enjoy nature in all its glory through the reflection of the shiny stainless steel surface. 

This brand is presented by the DIT (UK) as part of their hybrid showcase ‘Design is GREAT: From the UK to the UAE’.

Discover the showcase here.



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