Founded in 1995 by lift industry veterans who were determined to take accessibility to new levels of refinement, Aritco brings together the latest in interior mobility tech with a strong emphasis on design.

With unshakable dedication to the highest quality standards and long experience in the field combined with unique technological know-how and a rapidly evolving grasp on user experience, Aritco supplies award-winning platform lifts for homes as well as public and commercial buildings around the world.

Debuting at the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Aritco presented the Aritco HomeLift Access and Aritco PublicLift Access, designed by Stockholm-based Alexander Lervik.

Featuring, backlit panels, lit handlebars and soft-touch buttons, the designs celebrate Scandinavian elegance.

Available in adjustable sizes for different types of wheelchairs the lifts offer state-of-the-art safety solutions. From a Smart Safety system with an emergency lowering mechanism and battery in case of breakdown, to automatic door openers to avoid accidents, Aritco lifts combine beauty and innovation with utmost regard for user safety.


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