Based in South Korea, Arijian is an artisanal art studio with a focus on the ancient crafts of mother-of-pearl. With exquisite designs and refined craftsmanship, they add modern sophistication to traditional craft techniques in order to create contemporary pieces aimed to accommodate the modern lifestyle.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Arijian presented The Solace of Nature which contemplates the innate connection with our environment, interpreting the beauty of our wildlife through decorative home accessories, furniture and sculpture.

Inspired by the traditional Korean hat, Arijian’s ‘GOT’ collection of vases features a variegated disc lined with mother-of-pearl; whilst the hat protected one from the sun, the opalescent disc plays with light to cast evocative patterns inside the room. Alongside, their ‘Horse’ sculpture celebrates humanity and bravery.

Carved from wood and bestowed with painstaking detailing, the sculpture is brought to life with mother-of-pearl accents that highlight the finest nuances from the horse’s mane to its muscles, lending  the sculpture a vivid quality.