An online, creative platform based in Dubai, that represents talented artists and designers, both emerging and mid-career, from around the world and with a special focus on South East Asia and the Middle East, Antidote was founded by Laure Parise and Najeh Zimmermann in 2015.

Antidote promotes and supports its artists and designers by showcasing their work in fairs worldwide, guiding them to appropriate residencies and special programmes, and biennial placement. 

The Downtown Design 2020, Antidote presented ‘Levitate’, a table designed architect designer Raza Zahid.

Featuring 120 individual metal plates that morph in shape and size, in response to the governing circular pattern, Levitate is the result of an ongoing investigation into the geometries, patterns and forms that exist in nature and the rules that govern them.

The collectible table is an attempt to capture the ephemeral through the physical, to represent the organic through the industrial and to transform mathematical orders found in nature, into functional objects that imply organic growth and merge the distinction between silhouette and body.


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