ANCA is a world-class furniture, fixtures and equipment manufacturing company founded in 1985. Their bespoke services are marked by the creation of custom pieces that fulfill individual tastes and desires.

ANCA's products are characterized by an inimitable blend of detailing, innovative use of materials and unique personalization – they strive to uphold the finest traditions of craftsmanship through their classical furniture, cabinets, panels, wooden vanities, wardrobes, kitchen and luxury doors.

In 2019, they  launched two new product collections at Downtown Design – the ‘Rhapsody’ and ‘Renoir’ are series of tabletops, wall installations, and chandeliers, which were offered in two color schemes in both warm and soothing colors and materials such as blown glass and bent wood.

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Contact person:Hana Osman

2804 Boulevard Plaza
Tower 2
Dubai UAE