‘UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from The Emirates' highlights some of those bright Emirati talents. Brought to you by Dubai Design District (d3) and supported by the UAE Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, participating Emirati creative talents have been selected to represent their commissioned design pieces, artworks and projects in a bid to highlight current day design practices and materials. Different design stories were told and showcased in different cities including Milan, London and Paris, before returning home to Dubai.

Chapter 2 titled Objects of the Past: Today, invited participating designers to delve into the historical photographic archives of the UAE through the various resources available and unearth pictorial history surrounding the regions nomadic roots. Each was tasked to interpret pieces from the archives into modern day designs, taking their inspirations from the UAEs ancestors. The designers had to bring to life products and pieces using modern day design methodologies and processes, showcasing contemporary interpretations of items that held great value to those nomadic families for whom traveling though deserts and oceans was inherent and living in various landscapes and conditions was a lifestyle.

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