Recently based in Dubai, Sergio was born and raised in Porto, a very unique and charismatic city that has an endless feeling of wander and discovery.

2012 was the starting point for him to pursue his career as a designer integrating the design team of Munna and Ginger & Jagger. In 2016 he started a new journey by moving to Dubai and establishing his own brand and philosophy - Sergio Mendes Design.

The passionate and inspiring experience he had, allowed him to discover and deepen his instinctive abilities and ways to improve his designs.
Being an empath, that experience allowed him to deal with many different worlds - design, craftsmanship, interior designers and architects – which allowed him to complement his reality, which ultimately influence what he creates.

With an innate creative talent, a love of travel and an eye for details, soon achieved prominence with memorable and provocative work for a broad range of high-end specialty. His design is iconic and elitist. He emphasizes mixing vintage and new modern clean lined pieces in a sophisticated, unpredictable yet harmonious way.

Always observant and attentive, Sergio became more and more interested in the concept of applying his technical knowledge to his creations always with innovation in his mind.

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