Indigenus design and manufacture beautiful, durable architectural planters developed to uplift and enhance residential, hospitality and corporate environments. 

Their original and unique contemporary designs are generated in collaboration with leading designers, architects and artists who have a deep appreciation of the scenic quality of creative planting. The designers understand the impact great sculptural planters can have in an architectural site or landscape. With a shared vision, and under the guidance of director, Peter van der Post, the Indigenus designers set out to create remarkable and appealing designs that allow for a deeper human connection with nature while acting as magnificent art pieces in their own right.

Using top quality materials their planters are honed by highly skilled artisans with great care and attention to strength, hardiness and finish. In knowing the practicalities of maintaining plants, especially for larger establishments, Indigenus planters are designed to be lightweight for stress free transportation and installation. And all their planters come with removable inner linings and water reservoirs for practical plant care indoors or out.

Used as a single statement, a cluster, or a large configuration Indigenus planters are designed to be versatile in how and where they can be placed. For landscape designers, interior designers and architects they are perfect devices to increase a profound interactive experience as people move in and around a space.

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