HOOKED|HKD jewelry is a brand that focuses on creating wearable sculptures rooted in tribal and Bedioun references. Formally, HKD's collections take cues from the tribal sacred activity of coiling around the body to morph it into exaggerated forms. Modernizing this sacred tradition, HKD liberates today's woman, creating jewelry that fuse coiling and stacking with wearability. HKD's collections are created by combining cutting edge 3D printing technology with intricate hand made jewelry processes to push boundaries of traditional materials and create jewels with a distinct formal aesthetic. They have been well received by the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Elle and Vogue.

Established in 2014, Studio D04 focuses on producing designs that are niche in nature and unique, while leveraging indigenous elements and concepts to achieve progressive modern design. Their interactions are characterized in being personal while ensuring functionality goes hand in hand with design. The studio is experienced in realizing architectural projects, renovations, interior design projects and product designs.

For Downtown Design 2018, HOOKED| HKD and D04 Design Studio collaborate to create furniture pieces that house jewelry. The furniture and the jewelry are to be designed and viewed as one sculptural element, blurring the line between furniture and jewelry. One should not be aware where the jewelry design starts and where the furniture design ends, it is all to be viewed and experienced as one unified installation.

The installation is inspired by Bedioun elements and jewelry hues. It is to be assembled as a stack of wooden forms similar to the way one would stack pieces of jewelry when dressing. These forms can be pulled out and sold separately, or collectively purchased with the jewelry.

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