Aritco was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of lifts for schools, offices and retail stores that mixed efficiency with aesthetics. Based on the simple idea of providing possibilities for everyone, the company’s product are recognized by the Scandinavian design, innovation and reliability. Over the years, Aritco has revolutionized the lift industry through ‘Next Level Living’ – Aritco lifts have been installed in more than 30,000 buildings and private homes around the world.

The Aritco HomeLift is sleek, strong, light, silent, safe, low-maintenance and can be controlled via a smartphone. Crucially it comes with its own shaft, making installation into both new and existing homes straightforward. Crafted from large panes of laminated, scratch-proof, acrylic glass with no visible screws or fixings, its backlit DesignWall comes in a range of nine patterns and colours. Walls and doors can be placed variously on all 3 sides, making each lift entirely customisable. Soft white, recessed LED lighting along the walls and in the lift’s ceiling can be controlled via the SmartLift app, developed in-house by Aritco - coloured light to create different moods is optional. The SmartControl panel inside the lift is intuitive and ergonomic, and the SmartSafety system includes child locks, an alarm button and battery-operated backup in case of power failure. The double doors of the lift, crafted from two beautiful glass blades, take up minimal space and are equipped with smart door openers that sense if something is in the way. High quality PVC carpet from Swedish supplier Bolon on the lift floor is durable and easy to clean. 

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