Furniture designer Jomo Tariku has been designing and innovating centuries old African utilitarian design into his contemporary furniture lines for the last 20 years. Jomo finds inspiration in African hand carvings, centuries-old buildings, body art and scarifications, pottery and baskets, hair design patterns and tradition woven textiles. Jomo has designed a series of renowned contemporary African furniture lines, among them: The Axum Series - living room set with Axum Chair, Coffee Table and Ottoman inspired by the architectural styles of the Axum stelae in Axum, Ethiopia; The Berchuma - a line of stools bring out the unique styles of contemporary African design as functional art pieces.

Jomo Furniture has been displayed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's "Design For Life" exhibit, and was recently featured in the 2015 book Contemporary Design Africa. He has also been featured in various design magazines such as Architectural Records, Homes of Color, and profiled on television for the Fine Living network by Sheila Bridges.

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