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Conceived for large public spaces, CONTROL NO CONTROL was an immersive interactive feature in the form of a minimalistic geometric structure, true to Studio Iregular’s signature style.

Supported by Kohler, the interactive installation was presented as a big LED cube that reacted to everything that touched it and every movement performed on its surface, with streamlined patterns and generative sound emerging as interaction occurs. Allowing up to 50 people to participate at the same time, the experience was extremely intuitive, leading to quick audience engagement and prolonged interactions.

The installation explored the relationship between participants and public art, testing the ability to intrinsically ‘instruct’ and delegated the final audiovisual result to the audience that ends up gaining control of the piece.

CONTROL NO CONTROL by Montreal based new-media artists Studio Iregular was staged at Downtown Design 2022 with the support of Kohler.