Five favorites at Downtown Design

Downtown Design

Five favorites at Downtown Design

Celebrating five years of original design, the French interior designer Stephanie Coutas picks her top 5 brands to look forward to at this year’s fair.

A devotee to craftsmanship and savoir-faire, Stéphanie Coutas designs plush and modern spaces; mixing art de vivre with culture. The nobility of materials used, exceptional quality and originality of finishing touches distinguish her prestigious and luxurious achievements. Stéphanie Coutas subtly fuses her love of romanticism with beautiful workmanship to create neoclassical and contemporary interiors. Clean lines, spectacular decor, nude tones, unique marble and luxurious velvet are all elements the designer features in her designs. She demonstrates her dedication to design through her own bespoke creations, such as various rugs for Tai Ping and more recently a Baccarat chandelier that she put together from concept to design.

“Downtown Design is really a great fair that shows many interesting suppliers and brands to the Gulf region. There is so much to discover but if I was to choose just five brands to see, they would include:”

Stephanie 11. Baccarat: Baccarat showcases crystal chandelier and glass at its best. 

Stephanie 22. Edra: The wonderful sofas by Edra are comfortable and extra wide making them very well suited for the houses in the Gulf region. 

Stephanie 3 3. Sophie Mallebranche: Their metallic fabrics offer a wide range of possibilities.

Stephanie 44. Minotti: Minotti dining chairs are wonderful, I use them in a lot of my projects.

Stephanie 55. THG: THG is a very dynamic French company that creates taps. We are currently designing our first collection of marble taps with them, launching in January 2018.


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