5 Questions with Siddharth Peters

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5 Questions with Siddharth Peters

Celebrating five years of original design, Downtown Design speaks to the co-founder of Love that Design about design in five simple questions.

Positioned as a platform to showcase the best interior and architecture projects in the region, Love that Design highlight home grown designs while giving full insight on the different levels of design from designer/firm right down to the contractors and products. With an aim to create a visual mosaic of projects across the MENA region, Love that Design believes in admiring well designed spaces but also being able to discuss relevant design issues openly. They believe that this is the first step of many that will create the roadmap towards engaging the design community and lead potential customers to understand strength and execution capabilities of the resources involved.

Downtown Design peaks into the mind of Co-founder of Love that Design, Siddharth Peters:

1. Design is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ (What does design mean to you?)

Design is an opportunity to shape the future.


2. The one piece of design you cannot live without?

My Moving Wall, it helps adds clarity to my creative process. I have one at home and at work!

3. Where do you find creative inspiration?

Reading and any opportunity I get to quieten the mind.

4. What are you looking forward to the most at Downtown Design?

I am looking forward to the creativity at the show, both in terms of the platform created by Downtown Design and the tools the exhibitors use to market themselves.

5. The 5 brands that are a must see at the fair?

Boma , Klove, Preciosa , Sans Souci and Designed by Hind. The first four are lighting companies- “I'm absolutely fascinated by how lighting sculptures capture a space. It's difficult to photograph, but quite something to experience.”  Designed by Hind - Love to see local talent!

LTD 5 1 

Image: BOMMA

LTD 5 2


Image: Klove

LTD 5 3

Image: Preciosa

LTD 5 4

Image: Sans Souci

LTD 5 5


Image: Designed by Hind


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