Bringing the community together at d3

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Bringing the community together at d3

Running from the 8th to 10th of December Meet d3 celebrates the ever growing d3 community with a well-planned roster of events, installations, food outlets, concerts and more.

Dubai Design District’s flagship annual festival Meet d3 showcases all things creative at the intersection of design, art and technology while celebrating the ever growing d3 community. Open to the public, this multidisciplinary event brings together the community and features large-scale installations, unique retail and food concepts, music and other special commissions.

 Meet D3

Lasvit Glass Experience

Lasvit once again brings their unique glass experience presenting the world of hand-blown glass manufacturing and the mastery of Czech glassmakers underlined by a millennium-long tradition. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate and witness the process of transforming raw glass into unique glass objects with a specially fitted outdoor glassworks furnace.

 Meet D3 2

Cairo NOW! City Incomplete

Curated by Mohamed ElShahed, Cairo NOW! spans fields of design ranging from graphic and typeface design to product and furniture design as well as architecture. The exhibition takes the audience through the journey of young designers who despite the lack of a marketplace or infrastructure to support creative industries turn the city’s trash into new products and revive fading traditions with a contemporary edge.

 Meet D3 3

Satwa 3000 Gif Paradise

The GIF Paradise is an experiential space created by the brilliantly irreverent Satwa 3000, where people can create custom animated GIF’s featuring themselves. The experience begins as the guest arrives in the main room, logs in with their email and phone number, and then enters one of the four GIF creation rooms. Each of these rooms uses a different technology to generate a unique effect: Bullet Time, Green Screen, Analog Kaleidoscope and Kinect + Processing. Every GIF created will be displayed on the external LED wall, and each guest that created one will receive a digital copy of their creation as well as a one-of-a-kind physical flipbook.

 Meet D3 4

Light Sowers

Light Sowers is a poetically interactive installation where visitors create their own audiovisual show inspired by the frail beauty of fireflies and the mysterious atmosphere that they bring to the ordinary world. This immersive environment combines thousands of original crafted objects with state of the art laser technology to create a multimedia interpretation of a natural ecosystem playing on the methods of mutual communication. With a mere wave of their hands, guests can transform these silent and dim objects into a living world of fluttering night creatures and light up the darkness with mesmerizing clouds of fireflies.

 Meet D3 5


Osmo by Loop.Ph invites visitors to step into a monumental, inflated silver sphere with a projected universe held within its reflective Mylar interior. A mirrored metallic membrane made from NASA space material envelopes the viewers and invites them to relax beneath the stars, whilst listening to an ambient soundscape of live sounds from outer space. The design team used a map of the constellations to chart nearly 9,000 stars and planets to re-create the cosmos and offer visitors a retreat in a place of wonder and tranquility.

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