Marset to showcase 2018 collection at Downtown Design

Downtown Design

Marset to showcase 2018 collection at Downtown Design

A family owned company founded in the 1940s, Marset create high-quality products emphasizing the necessity of light in our everyday lives.

By applying knowledge acquired from decades of experience to their current techniques and global prominence, the brand’s refined and contemporary lamps transform ordinary spaces into interesting, comfortable and well-modulated environments to live and work in, impacting the user’s senses and well-being.

Marset takes multifaceted elements of light into consideration with their people-oriented approach to innovation and design. With cleverly designed fixtures of aesthetic appeal, each product involves careful consideration for nuances including the tone, intensity and warmth of light.

At Downtown Design this year, Marset will showcase their 2018 collection for the first time in the UAE including Dipping light by Jordi Canudas, a lamp that has an ambient effect when turned on as different shades of paint sift the light. When the lamp is switched off, the colored glass sphere has an eye-catching design as a piece for a shelf, bedside, or table; Discoco woodby Christophe Mathieu, considered the most iconic lamp in the Marset collection made up of 35 discs that break up the direct downward illumination for a more subtle effect. Now with a new with a new oak finish, the lamp provides quality and comfort to any space; and HighLine by Josep Lluis Xucla, a seemingly simple shaped floor lamp, the High Line light sculpture gives off light without revealing its source. The light bounces off the wall to provide light indirectly through reflection.

Marset’s 2018 collection provides ideal lighting for every moment and space. Using light as a creative material, Marset designers are able to express a unique way of seeing life.

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