Manfredi Style: Highlighting Heritage and Tradition

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Manfredi Style: Highlighting Heritage and Tradition

Manfredi Style will present a distinctive curation of unique and refined pieces at Downtown Editions.

Italian online gallery, Manfredi Style, curates a range of unique and refined pieces of design and artwork. Originally from Florence and headquartered in Singapore, Manfredi Style collaborates with over 90 designers and artists around the world, while continuing to discover talent to increase their offer of high quality products. Their mission is to bring unconventional and innovative creations to the online platform, each with a story to tell; Every product is significant in invoking emotion whilst being decorative and original.

At Downtown Design 2018, Manfredi Style will be showcasing a range of products made up of limited-edition pieces including furniture, lighting and decorative objects within Downtown Editions. With careful attention to detail, quality, history and origin, Manfredi Style products are set to satisfy a range of audiences globally. With a variety of personally curated products, the brand brings together works to highlight a similarity in contemporary style and creative processes by artists from around the world, such as multidisciplinary contemporary furniture and product design studio, Bowery, based in New York City; Hélène Morbu, who fashions each object with patience and precision, using a variety of traditional techniques (wheel, slab, mould); and Eindhoven-based VANTOT, which is the collective title for the works of Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp, who focus on autonomous product design and commissioned work.

The founder and creative director, Manfredi Moretti, is heavily involved in carefully curating the selection down to each hand-picked piece featured on the platform; Each product is selected based on its origin, history and uniqueness, such as the porcelain vases designed by South Korean ceramic artist, Ahryun Lee, who’s Borange Vase has a unique bottle like shape and is covered with texture that is designed to trigger a visceral reaction. Similar to other products featured on Manfredi Style’s online gallery, the Borange vase is unconventional and evokes emotion as it brings out a curiosity about the object and its function. 

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