Roca: Bringing innovation to the bathroom

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Roca: Bringing innovation to the bathroom

Downtown Design Exhibitor Roca presents “In-Wash”, a smart toilet with technology for personal hygiene

Roca entered the bathroom industry in the year 1929 and has since been creatively producing china bathroom appliances and brassware. Besides Portugal and France, Roca’s presence started to spread over the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil and China. Today, Roca is a global brand with presence in more than 170 markets, supplied by its 78 production plants and over 22.000 employees worldwide. Their ambitious strategic plan focused on bathroom spaces gained the brand leadership in the sector in 2006. 

Roca 1 

“In- wash” is one their latest innovations in the bathroom industry. Using the technology at hand, Roca has created a smart toilet meant to deliver for personal hygiene needs and complete comfort. The integrated nozzle provides the function of self-cleaning and offers a custom made experience to users. Complimented by the drying function, the temperatures and pressure of both features can easily be controlled. 

Roca 2

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The remote control accompanying the bathroom makes “In- Wash” easy to use. The side panel featured on the toilet itself compliments the washroom to simplify the usage further.  

Roca 4

The integrated nozzle cleans itself before and after each use. The water flowing through it undergoes a filtering process that treats it before being used. In addition, the tip of the nozzle is removable, allowing the user to manually clean and disinfect with any hassle.

Roca 5 

The soft curves and minimalistic design adapt perfectly to any bathroom space. The user detector feature blocks the cleaning and drying function when the seat is to avoid accidental activation. The LED Light on the side panel can be programmed to stay on for 8 hours to provide a guide for users at the middle of the night. The materials used to produce in-wash comply with all EU standards and regulation to provide its users with top-notch quality. 


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